A History of HYBRIMIN®


Manfred Gabriel has been involved in the animal feed industry for a long time. He uses his many years of experience and his knowledge of premix manufacturing to create software and establishes the firm HYBRIMIN® Futterspezialitäten GmbH, to sell feed and animal nutrition products. The name HYBRIMIN® comes from HYBRIdsauen-MINeral(Hybrid sow-mineral). Next comes the production and marketing of mineral feed.


HYBRIMIN® takes advantage of the “IT Boom Years” in the first half of the 1980s. The arrival of the first affordable computers such as the Commodore PET 2000 or PET 3000 make simple feed optimisations with up to 20 restrictions possible.


Portable computers arrive on the market. HYBRIMIN® sells the first Epson HX-20 for feed calculation and becomes a pioneer in agricultural computer consultation. In subsequent years, this is also sold in Austria and the first English version to Saudi Arabia.


Development of HYBRIMIN® software intensifies. Following on from the first generations of programs for the feed industry, come versions for the fertiliser and nutrition industries. From the very start, these programs are produced in two versions with differing capabilities – an optimised version for industrial feed and foodstuff manufacturers and a smaller, easy to use, advisor version for feed merchants, modified also for the fertiliser and foodstuff industry.


HYBRIMIN® develops a declaration module for use in Raiffeisen centres. The first English version of HYBRIMIN® Fumi is sold to Nigeria. A comprehensive fertiliser version is created.


Sales of the first feed advisor programs for PC and laptop, expanded by EPSON using MS-DOS. HYBRIMIN® Fumi is introduced in Austria and Switzerland and installed in over 100 companies. Translations in Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian follow.


HYBRIMIN® Fumi is installed by rolled large food and dietary feed manufacturers.


A successful start in the new Federal States working with external partners.


Further languages and countries added: South Tyrol, Cyprus, Czech Republic, the Baltic States.


Staff increased, company headquarters moved to Fuhlen.


Start of Windows programming for Windows 3.11 with the aim of creating multi-user versions.


Further improvement of the MS-DOS advisor program, introduction of the translation module.


The first Windows versions of HYBRIMIN® WinFumi for Windows 95 are installed with foodstuff and feed manufacturers. Expansion of the range: HYBRIMIN® WinFumi upgraded on a yearly basis through the Update-Service. Sale of the advisor version is extended to East Asia.


The final MS-DOS version to meet the “Year 2000 Problem”. The first Windows advisor version of HYBRIMIN® Futter 2000 comes on the market.


All HYBRIMIN® programs adapted for the Euro.


The Windows advisor version extended: HYBRIMIN® Futter 2003. Further development of HYBRIMIN® WinFumi with a new database. All animal feed data is revised and expanded to include new feedstock.


Dipl. Kaufmann Thomas Gabriel, who had been employed by the company since 1979, first in software development and then as project leader, takes over HYBRIMIN®. The firm becomes HYBRIMIN® Computer + Programme GmbH & Co. KG


The Windows feed advisor program, HYBRIMIN® Futter 2008 comes onto the market with a new database. Translations begin to extend the language options to twelve, including Greek, Lithuanian and Turkish. The first external partners in Croatia and the Ukraine join the team.


HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 8 is delivered. Development of feedstock and integration of new optimisation methods.


The multilingual advisor program HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 comes
on the market. There are now regular updates and program development. HYBRIMIN®
is active in more than 40 countries.


HYBRIMIN® leads the world as the premier software firm for the feed industry. The threefold calculation screen in HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.0 allows feedstock, ingredients and labelling to be worked on at the same time.


The multilingual version of HYBRIMIN® WinFumi is presented at Eurotier 2016 in Hannover.


HYBRIMN® Futter 5 is now available in 31 different languages. In addition to the Latin languages, there are also Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Mandarin), Greek and Russian. HYBRIMIN® has external partners in Croatia, Lithuania, Russia and the Ukraine.