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The software for universities and colleges

HYBRIMIN® Futter5 or HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.5 are used at almost all universities in Germany within a variety of institutes for training and research. Ask your IT Administrator or the faculty professor for a version to test.

If you intend to have a career in the feed industry or any related field, then knowledge of a feed program will be a great help to you when starting out. More than 50 % of all German feed manufacturers use HYBRIMIN® programs for their field work or feed stuff production. Currently, HYBRMIN® programs are utilised in over 40 countries. Therefore, knowing how to use a HYBRIMIN® program, will give you an advantage at interviews, even if the firm in question uses a different feed program!

HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 is available to students as a single -language version with the following conditions:

1). Each student may receive one version only.

2). Each student must send HYBRIMIN® a valid enrolment certificate.

3). The program must be paid for in advance.

4). The program is a complete version with data for all animals. However, it cannot be updated and can only be used at home (parental establishment). Paid professional advice to other animal owners is prohibited.

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